Residents cautioned to wed and avoid conflicts in marriage

The Deputy Chief Admnistrative  Officer Bunyangabu Mr. Swezen Kutambaki has asked Residents of Bunyangabu District to wed as a way of controling conflicts in marriage.

While Presiding over a civil marriage between Mr. Kule Alison and Ms. Biiira Harriet at Bunyangabu District Headquaters on Tuesday, Mr. Kutambaki noted that civil marriage is one of the recognised  marriages in Uganda which is enshrined in the Constitution.

"Civil marriage is cost effective and time saving, I encourage residents to embrace this type of marriage and avoid staying in illegal relationships," he said.

He also added that with the so many conflicts breeding amongst couples in Uganda, it is advisable to have a legal marriage as a way of control.

According to Ms. Amina Kaija the Secretary for Finance and Planning Bunyangabu District, it is eminent for couples to wed and leave in harmonious marriages..

" What this couple has done today is commendable and as a District we are welcoming more of the same," she said.

Tuesday, June 6, 2023