Skill up project

Skill Up, a BMZ-funded initiative facilitated by JESE (Joint Effort to Save the Environment) in collaboration with WHH (Welthungerhilfe) and supported by the German Cooperation for Economic Development, is dedicated to addressing unemployment among vulnerable youth aged 18-31.

The project is currently active in Bunyangabu, specifically in Kibiito T/C and Rwimi T/C. To date, we have completed two phases, training a total of 130 young individuals in Carpentry and Joinery, motorcycle mechanics, welding, plumbing, domestic electrical installation, tailoring, and hairdressing.

Our training process involves close collaboration with the Directorate of Industrial Training (DIT) under the Ministry of Education and Sports. Upon completion, participants undergo assessments, and those who pass receive certificates known as Workers PAS (Practically Acquired Skills), encouraging them to pursue further skill upgrades. In addition to technical skills, we provide training in life skills, entrepreneurship, and business skills. The program also incorporates exposure visits to showcase new fashion designs and innovations, empowering the youth to gain a competitive edge.

Upon completing the program, participants engage in a mentorship program to boost their confidence and enhance their skills further. Additionally, we have established a youth hub offering advisory services, counseling, and digital literacy skills.

Upon certification by DIT, participants receive business startup kits to facilitate the establishment of their enterprises. Continuous monitoring is in place to track progress and address any challenges that may arise.

Enrollment is open to all youth, regardless of their educational background, and is promoted through local advertising on radio, in churches, and various media channels. Application forms are available at Community Development Officer (CDO) offices, where interested individuals can fill them out and return them for consideration. Interviews are conducted to assess the extent of vulnerability.

In July-August, we conduct labor scans to identify marketable skills that the