Involve key stake holders in handling child abuse cases

The District Education Officer (DEO) Bunyangabu Mr. Rubalema Moses Sunday has asked Non Governmental Organizations ( NGOs) in the field of child protection to always involve key players in handling Child abuse cases.

Speaking in a Case conferencing meeting that was organized by the Probation Office, Mr. Rubalema observed that many NGOs are handling child abuse cases in isolation, a result why their impact is not being felt. "

If you are handling child abuse cases like defilement, make sure you work hand in hand with Departments like Education, Health and CBS, also involve actors like religious leaders and Local council leaders. This will be the only way to fight this bad vice in the community," he told the NGO representatives that were present.

According to the Senior Probation Officer Ms Kabakaali Doreen, there are many cases of child abuse and neglect in Bunyangabu District that her Office handles on a daily basis.

She also notes that there are some Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and NGOs like Kaana Foundation that are trying to come into the picture to handle issues of child abuse.

However she asked them to work directly with government workers like Community Development Officers and other relevant Offices such that these cases are handled as a team for transparency and effectiveness.



Monday, June 20, 2022