Opinion Leaders asked to popularize Covid-19 vaccination

The District Health Educator Bunyangabu Mr. Kemba Christopher has asked opinion leaders in the District to popularize Covid-19 vaccination.

While addressing a group of religious leaders from various sects, Mr. Kemba noted that Covid-19 is back and the community needs to be more vigilant to avoid the spread.

Apparently, Bunyangabu as a District has 30 active Cases that are all being handled under home-based care.

He explained that these cases are in Kibiito Town council, Kibiito sub county, Kabonero and Kyamukube Town Council.

He thus asked the community especially those who are not yet vaccinated and those got partially vaccinated to come and get vaccinated so as to fight the disease.

According to the surveillance focal person Bunyangabu Mr. Benerd Wandera, People have neglected Standard Operating procedures ( SOPs) which had played a big role in fighting the spread of the Disease.

He asked the community to re-empharsize SOPs just like it was the practice a few months back.

Thursday, June 23, 2022