Three Ministers of State on Thursday 30th June sensitized Bunyangabu District Leadership on Parish Development model (PDM). These were the Minister of State for Local Government Ms. Victoria Busiinge Rusoke, the Minister of State for Trade Ms. Harriet Ntabazi and the the Minister of State for Gender Hon. Peace Mutuuzo who doubles as the area woman Member of Parliament for Bunyangabu District. The Minister of State for Local government emphasized that PDM will be a reviving fund stressing that locals should not mistake it for a thankyou token from the President. " Some section of People mistook emyooga funds for a thankyou token calling it an appreciation from the President, however take note that PDM is meant to uplift you to the money economy," she explained. She also emphasized the fact that the PDM funds are meant for the Poor of the poor and not for those who have. She thus warned Leaders against allowing people who are already in the money economy from benefiting from these funds. The Minister of State for Trade warned Heads of Family (men) who have more than one wife from claiming for funds more than one. " It is not acceptable for a man to claim for funds more than once because he has more than one household, rather it is advisable for a woman in a different house hold to be the one to claim," she explained noting that those who plan to do so will be eliminated by use of the national I.D. The State Minister for Gender thanked the government of NRM for always coming up with insightful programs that are aimed at uplifting Ugandans.

Monday, July 4, 2022