Tooro Kingdom Moves to Promote Tourism in Bunyangabu District


Kingdom officials pose for a group photo with Bunyangabu district leaders. 

A committee from Tooro Kingdom that is coming up to document and promote the tourism sites in Bunyangabu has today briefed the district leadership about the initiative.


The committee, made up of kingdom officials, war veterans, politicians, and opinion leaders, was led by Mr. Kasaija March. Notable attendees from the district leadership included Mr. James Ategeka Mugarama, the LCV chairperson; Mr. Nsubuga Isa Hood, the Chief Administrative Officer; Mr. Alex Twinomuhwezi, the LCV Vice Chairperson; and Mr. Uziah Bwambale, the Principal Assistant Secretary.


During the meeting at the District LCV Chairman's Office, Mr. Kasaija elaborated on the potential tourism sites in Bunyangabu, emphasizing attractions such as the crater lakes in Kibiito and Kiyombya Sub Counties, the caves and Rwagimba Hot Springs in Bukara Sub County, and various cultural and historical sites.


Mr. Mugarama expressed enthusiasm for the initiative and assured the committee of full support from the district leadership. He stressed the significance of cultural institutions and their positive influence on communities.


Additionally, he expressed the district's desire to host the King of Tooro during the launch of the initiative so that the selected tourism sites could be showcased.


"Even the Bakonjo here hold their king in high regard. As a district, we are looking at how we can engage all the stakeholders and organize the visit of Omusinga to our district here,” Mr Mugarama said.


Mr. Nsubuga also pledged the backing of the district's technical staff for the initiative, underlining the government's keen interest in promoting tourism and culture.





Tuesday, June 11, 2024
Event date: 
Tuesday, June 11, 2024