Heavy rains sweep away bridge

Residents of Kateebwa Sub county in Bunyangabu District were last weekend astonished by the heavy down pour that has swept away their bridge and ravaged their gardens.

According to the District Production Officer Bunyangabu Ms. Yusta Asiimwe who visited the scene, people in mountainous areas need to plant more trees and practice good methods of farming to limit the damage caused by such occurrences.

" Over 10,000 fish fingering was distributed in June 2021 for the pond fish fingers, were swept away including approximately 20 acres of garlic, cow peas and irish potatoes,"said the District Production Officer.        

 The District Natural Resource Officer Mr. Ddamba John Muli has confirmed that his department is working on a District disaster management plan which will be availed to members of the community soon. “This plan would detail the would be disasters and how to deal with them,” he says.


Monday, August 23, 2021