Focus on good working relations with the Political wing- CAO

The Technical Staff of Bunyangabu District Local Government have been asked to have good working relations with the Political wing.

This was said by the Chief Administrative Officer Mrs. Edith Mutabazi during her monitoring and support supervision in the town councils of Rubona and Kateebwa on Wednesday.

Mrs. Mutabazi noted that there are some complaints in some Lower Local governments of technical staff not coordinating well with the Political wing.

“The public service standing orders provide that a local government shall be based on a council which shall be the highest political authority within its area of jurisdiction and we shall have legislative and executive powers to be exercised in accordance with the constitution,” she explained.

She added that the Political leadership is mandated to oversee the performance of persons employed by the government to provide services in their area and monitoring of government services or the implementation of projects in their areas.

She appreciated the town councils of Rubona and Kyamukube for having good working relations with the Political wing and asked them to keep up the spirit for development of the District.

The District Planner Bunyangabu Mr. Magezi Rubaale asked technical staff to continue observing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) of Covid-19 since numbers of new infections are on the increase in the District.

Thursday, November 18, 2021