Community asked to embrace yellow fever Vaccination

Residents of Bunyangabu District have been asked to embrace Yellow Fever vaccination.


During an advocacy training meeting that was held at Traveller's nest in Kibiito Town Council Bunyangabu District, the District Health Educator Mr. Kemba Christopher asked members to popularise the activity and make sure that masses get vaccinated.


Mr. Kemba noted that yellow fever is one of the diseases that you must get vaccinated against in case one is travelling outside Uganda.


" For those of you who have travelled outside Uganda you attest that Yellow fever vaccination is  one of the pre -requisites to travel, we need to ensure that all people who are below 60 YEARS of age get vaccinated for Yellow fever," he said.


The vaccination exercise is slated to commence on 10th June 2023 and  it will take a period of five days. It is targeting  people below  60 years of age and children above nine months. 


However, Mr. Kemba noted that there are some  categories  of people who are not supposed to be vaccinated which include the Pregnant women and people with chronic diseases like Diabetes and Cancer.


The exercise is going to be conducted from the sub counties and Villages  in Bunyangabu District.

Thursday, June 8, 2023