Bunyangabu District Chairman asks for more allocation of Development fund

The LCV Chairperson Bunyangabu District Hon. James Ategeka Mugarama has asked Government to increase funding for Development projects.

During the District Budget conference that was held on Monday 7th November, Hon Mugarama noted that the biggest percentage of the monies received are taken up in payment of salaries.

"We have a very small percentage of the money we receive allocated to Development,we request that the Government increases on our Development fund," he said .

Bunyangabu District 's budget for 2022- 2023 is estimated to run on Shillings 22.877.557.035 Billion.

The theme is Monetization of Uganda's Economy through commercial Agriculture, industrialization, expanding and broadening services, Digital transformation, and market Access.

According to the Chief Administrative Officer Bunyangabu Mr. Masereka Amis Asuman,the District leadership is determined to achieve greater results in Agriculture and industrialization to foster economic development.
" We are working hard to ensure that critical positions like Agriculture Extension workers are hired so as to improve on Agriculture and production in the District," he said.

Wednesday, November 9, 2022