Bunyangabu District is among the Districts slated to benefit from the International Development Institution project ( IDI) that is funded by the government of Korea with an aim of empowering PWDs through vocational training and raising disability awareness. During a disability training to District government Officials and persons with disability leadership that was held at Bunyangabu District on Monday 27th June 2022, Achayo Rose Obol one of the facilitators said that persons with disability are those people who have substantial functional limitations of a person's daily life activities caused by physical, mental or sensory impairments and environmental barriers resulting in limited participation in society on equal basis and others and includes an impairment specific. She noted that Persons with Disability also need to be included in development and as such need to be included in trainings so as to be eligible. She thus explained that IDP is to train 110 People with Disabilities from Bunyangabu District in the fields of Carpentry, Tailoring, Hair dressing, and Hand crafts. According to James Ategeka Mugarama the District Chairperson, Bunyangabu District is grateful to the Government of Korea for the insightful project that has been brought to Bunyangabu District. He said apparently, PWDs are being limited when it comes to inclusive Education because the institutions of learning that are specifically for that group of people are still limited in the whole country. He applauded IDI project where they have an institution set up specifically to equip PWDs with skills that can help then earn a living in future.


Tuesday, June 28, 2022