Bunyangabu District Local Government Council has presented Budget Estimates for the Financial Year 2024/2025.

Bunyangabu District Council has proposed a budget estimate of 30,123,737,000 billion shillings for the upcoming 2024/2025 Financial Year. The estimates were presented during a council session at the District Council Hall, subject to potential adjustments pending final indicative planning figures from the Ministry of Finance, Planning, and Economic Development.

This represents an increase of 6,296,723,000 billion shillings compared to the previous fiscal year. The budget is allocated as follows: wages account for 18,002,558,705 shillings, constituting 59.80%; non-wage expenses amount to 7,730,061,947 shillings, accounting for 25.68%; development funds total 3,710,221,628 shillings, with a percentage allocation of 12.32%; and local revenues stand at 660,894,720 shillings, making up 2.20% of the budget.

The draft revenue and expenditure estimates allocate funds across various departments: Administration receives 15.7% (4,722,029,000 shillings), Finance 0.9% (281,708,000 shillings), Statutory Bodies 1.5% (458,736,000 shillings), Production and Marketing 2.8% (841,943,000 shillings), Health 23.1% (6,954,494,000 shillings), Education 45.7% (13,764,573,000 shillings), Roads and Engineering 5.6% (1,680,141,000 shillings), Water 1.9% (568,928,000 shillings), Natural Resources 1.4% (410,613,000 shillings), Community-Based Services 0.6% (182,832,000 shillings), Planning 0.4% (118,496,000 shillings), Internal Audit 0.2% (49,395,000 shillings), and Trade, Industry & Local Development 0.2% (69,849,000 shillings).

During her budget speech at the council session, Hon. Kaija Kabaikya Amina, the Secretary for Finance, Planning, and Administration, emphasized the challenges posed by the post-Covid-19 economic impact. She stressed the importance of financial discipline in maximizing the utilization of limited resources to effectively implement the budget proposals for the year ahead.

Thursday, March 28, 2024
Event date: 
Thursday, March 28, 2024